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'The Inferno' for iPhone shows how to adapt Dante's Inferno


No doubt inspired by both the development of a Dante's Inferno game and that game's wholesale appropriation of another game's play style, iPhone developer Xpressed has done a little appropriation of its own by releasing The Inferno before EA's big multiplatform title hits stores.

Instead of being a more offensive God of War, The Inferno is a top-down maze action game, in which Dante collects innocent souls to open exits out of trap-filled rooms. And despite the layout of Hell not really resembling that in the book, this game is quite a bit more faithful than Visceral's: rather than being a psychotic, musclebound mass murderer, Dante is a meek explorer being led through Hell by Virgil.

Oh, and it costs a dollar. Check out some gameplay footage after the break!

[Via Touch Arcade]

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