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Time-lapse tips for your Mac and iPhone


I've been messing around with more video lately, and considering doing some time-lapse work, so this post over at Macworld came at the exact right time for me. Heather Kelly walks you through some options, from expensive to free and complicated to simple, for creating time-lapse pictures and videos on your Mac and iPhone. Some of them we've already heard and written about, including iStopMotion 2 and the great open source Gawker, but there are a few new names in here for me as well. The $2.99 iTimeLapse Pro [iTunes link] and free GorillaCam [iTunes link] apps, both of which let you make some pretty amazing footage straight from your iPhone, are also mentioned.

Putting together interesting time-lapse photography is a great skill to have no matter what you're doing -- it can be used to show off your work online or just give you a look at visual trends in whatever space you tend to be studying. It's great that we've got lots and lots of different apps, on both Mac and the iPhone, that help make it easy to assemble this stuff.

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