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Verizon loading up on 600,000 Pixis soon?

Chris Ziegler

Verizon's intro of webOS equipment is probably going to come out as one of Big Red's most ballyhooed moves of early 2010 -- but to support a launch of that magnitude, you need phones ready and waiting to go. To that end, Palm had been rumored to have 800,000 Pixis (or Pixi Pluses, depending on how these things are going to be marketed) on order from ODM Compal for delivery this quarter, but that number has apparently been revised down to 600,000 for delivery in the first quarter of next year on news that the units had failed some of Verizon's tests. Considering the carrier's famously brutal equipment certification process, we wouldn't doubt it -- let's just hope this doesn't delay the launch by much.

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