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WoW Moviewatch: Erunno's Christmas Story


Erunno's Christmas Story
won the WoW Model Viewer Christmas contest. It's a comedy video about one elf's brave struggle to find gifts for a Christmas story. His adventure takes him across the world of Azeroth, and features a dozen or so cameos of other, well-known machinimators.

Accord to Erunno over on his Myndflame post, he was experimenting with different techniques and styles from the anime industry. He wanted to take a look at how well those techniques would work out in machinima. I think Erunno nailed it pretty well, and I found the movie to be pretty fun and entertaining. Still, opinions will probably vary. I'm really curious to see how Erunno might use the styles in future videos, consider how well Erunno's Christmas Story seems to have succeeded.

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