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iPod bedding set redefines 'touchably soft'


All you really need to do is ask yourself three things: Do I have a kid bed? Could my kid bed be so much cooler with an iPod touch duvet and pillowcase? Can I afford 349 Swedish kronor (about US $45)?

If you answered 'Yes! Yes! Uh... yes!' to this informal product survey, Swedish retailer Ellos has exactly what you need. Questions raised in the TUAW offices like "Is that a touch-based capacitive sleep-enabled UI?" and "I wonder if that surface is oleophobic?" may require firsthand testing.

The bedding set looks to be a pretty faithful iPod touch reproduction, with the exception of the misspelled legend for the Calendar icon. It's so faithful, in fact, that I wouldn't be surprised if the company heard from Apple's Swedish legal representation in short order, with a suggestion that this product be sent to sleep with the fishes.

OK, I grant you, this is no Tauntaun sleeping bag -- but if you're raising a household full of Apple geeks, it might be worth a look.

Thanks Bertil!

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