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Official WinMo 6.5 upgrade for HTC Ozone leaked

Chris Ziegler

Upgrading a Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard device to 6.5 is like putting a fresh coat of paint on your rusted-out '78 Duster, but in the scheme of things, a 6.5 upgrade is still far, far better than a punch in the face. On that note, we're excited to hear that an official update is in the works for Verizon's Ozone from HTC, the CDMA remix of the Snap that launched with 6.1 mere months before 6.5 became widely available. Actually, it's more than "in the works" -- it's available right this very second, just not through any official channels. As usual, it's xda-developers coming through with a copy of the update, so apply it at your own risk; in reality, 6.5 brings very little to the table for Standard handsets, so you shouldn't feel too bad if you wuss out and wait for Verizon to give you the blessed version. Just don't be surprised if you end up waiting half a year for it.

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