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Poll: Will Fox actually pull the plug on New Years day?

Ben Drawbaugh

We've seen a number of carriage disputes in the past few years but none as interesting as this. With only hours to go until midnight and 2010, Timer Warner Cable and Bright House Network customers around the country have no idea if they'll be able to watch some of the biggest College Football Bowl Games tomorrow. This is not like other disputes as none have meant that programming as popular as College Football would be withheld. The other interesting thing going on is that local broadcasters are getting serious about charging for its signal. Fox is refusing to let the issue go to arbitration or to any interim carriage agreements so it appears TWC is going to have to make a hard decision tonight. We have to say we'd be shocked if Time Warner Cable didn't cave at the last minute, but crazier things have happened and if we were one of those subscribing to cable in New York, Los Angeles, Tampa, Orlando, Dallas and Austin; we'd probably play it safe and test out our antenna today.

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