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Trauma Team characters detailed by Atlus, a real doctor

Justin McElroy

Atlus has introduced the full compliment of the six staffers that make up its upcoming Trauma Team. I asked my wife, an actual doctor, to provide me with some insight on each specialty.
My take: Playing as this guy sounds like the other Trauma Center games, except I think they all had names and CR-SO1 is not a name. I'm assuming that, as in previous games and in real surgery, he'll be able to draw a magical sign that slows down time.
Dr. McElroy's take: There is no magical healing gel and we never make the sign of the pentagram over our patients, especially not in this part of West Virginia.

My take: You'll talk to patients and try to figure out what's wrong with them. Basically, you'll play as TV's cane-wielding misanthrope, House.
Dr. McElroy's take: I think the primary problem is that there is no department of diagnostics, so this is a made-up specialty. Sorry.
My take: As Torres, you'll try to keep several patients alive at once. Atlus says, "Think of it as juggling, but instead of catching balls you're preventing people from dying." Now you know why those in the medical field call EMTs life jugglers.
Dr. McElroy: I don't think EMTs think of themselves as jugglers. Actually, juggling life is exactly the impression we don't want to give our patients.
My take: I'm pretty sure that she shrinks down and enters the body in a specially made craft to fight disease. You know, like in InnerSpace.
Dr. McElroy's take: Nobody shrinks, no. They use tubes. But I do wonder if they include a thorough bowel prep before they begin the procedure. Because I don't think that would be particularly fun.
My take: This is quite a surprise to me, because if my wife's been out there having CSI-style adventures, she's been holding out on a lot of really good stories.
Dr. McElroy's take: These are not medical doctors. I certainly was never trained in medical school in the ways of collecting hair or semen samples. [Justin's note: So what did we pay all that money for?]

My take: As near as we can tell from Atlus' description, Hank Freebird puts bones back together. Although he's a big guy, Freebird has to have a light touch while he's working on some of the body's most delicate structures, like the penis bone.
Dr. McElroy's take: As I've told Justin several times, there is no bone in the penis. That's problem number one. Actually, I'm not sure I want to keep helping with this.

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