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Your chocobo Avatar pet is in the mail

Last month -- utilizing the spamming power of Twitter -- Microsoft and Square Enix partnered to offer Xbox Live users a free baby chocobo pet for their Avatars if they registered their Gamertags during the social media promotion. After weeks of waiting for the marketing plan to run its course, codes for the tiny companion have been sent to participating users via email. Sadly -- as Major Nelson points out -- those who did not participate in the promotion cannot get the pet, but we anticipate the baby chocobo will find its way onto the Avatar Marketplace at some point.

Reminiscent of the baby chocobo that nests within Final Fantasy XIII hero Sazh Katzroy's gorgeous afro, our baby chocobo only seems to flutter around, refusing to nest within our own Avatar hairdos. We presume that feature will be some kind of pre-order bonus for Final Fantasy XIII when it launches on March 9, 2010.

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