Google Nexus One support page goes live, quickly dies again

Wondering how to activate your shiny new Nexus One? Curious how to get started with the thing, or how to use the 3D gallery? Oh, wait, you don't have yours yet? Oops. Google seems to have posted its support page for the phone a little early, a little site that went live for just a few minutes -- just long enough for us to click through a little, read that Terms of Service that was leaked to us last week, and watch a few videos. The first one that came up is actually the walkthrough for Android 2.0, curiously, but the other videos showed 3D photo gallery and some other goodies. Now they show nothing, though, having been set private and the pages removed. Surely they'll be up again soon, with the device getting announced tomorrow, and while we're still not sure exactly when you'll be able to get your own, you're always welcome to enjoy our hands-on impressions.

Update: Jakob wrote in to let us know that there's another support page still alive -- but barely. It just shows some funky characters, a nearly empty dropbox, and a very nice Nexus One logo.

[Thanks, Joe]