Milestone multitouch browser ported to the Droid by a user-made patch (video)

This little nugget of software is itself still in beta, but if you can't wait for the full Milestone firmware port to climb out of alpha development, it's a good alternate route to getting your Droid dancing in the "pinch to zoom" party. Once again produced by the good folks over at AllDroid, the patch substitutes the Droid's default browser with the Milestone's multitouch capable one -- and from the feedback we're seeing it does so very cleanly and painlessly, whether you're running Android 2.0.1 or 2.1. You'll still need to root your device first, and some background reading is advisable before jumping in, but then you should be clear for take-off into the world of multitouch browsing. Video evidence after the break.

[Thanks, Steve]

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