Scrybe from Synaptics brings new life to your tired touchpad

Did your laptop maker not see fit to include any jazzy gesture support into your touchpad? Did you buy early and miss out on the multitouch revolution? Synaptics wants to fill the gap for those portables (and suitably-equipped desktops) with its Scrybe software. It augments Windows' existing touch functionality to add context-specific gestures and motions, and while jog-dial control for media has us most excited, you'll also be able to edit photos, look up word definitions, and plenty more -- even if you don't have a 10-finger capable device. The plan is for the company to make partnerships with various manufacturers so that this software becomes standard issue stuff, but you can get a taste of it today thanks to a roughly 10MB beta preview downloadable now at the read link. Do let us know what you think.