Intel's CE 3100 finally gets a shipping partner in Yuixx media player

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.05.10

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Intel's CE 3100 finally gets a shipping partner in Yuixx media player
Intel's CE 3100 multimedia processor has been hanging out at trade floor shows for months upon months now, but at long last the slab has a partner product that'll be shipping to general consumers. Conceptronics' Yuixx HD media player has just reached the point in its life where shipment is imminent, and in speaking with the firm, we learned that'll hit the streets of Amsterdam at the end of this month. The rest of Europe is expected to see it in February, while Americans will have to wait until it hits the FCC in March before getting any closer. Unlike some other set-top boxes on the market now, this one relies heavily on its own Widget Channel to bring web-based content to televisions, and pumping out 1080p material ain't no thang for it. Head on past the break for the full release and a promo video, and look for a little hands-on action as the CES show floor opens.

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Conceptronic announces the launch of YuiXX at CES, the first
ready-to-market Full HD media player/IPTV solution based
on the Intel® Media Processor CE 3100.

The Netherlands, Amersfoort, December 29th 2009
Conceptronic today announced that the YuiXX will be released worldwide
and shown on the Intel® booth (Central Hall booth 7153) during the
International CES 2010 in Las Vegas, January 7-10, 2010. The first units
will be available in stores in the Netherlands end of January 2010.
Together with two other Dutch companies, manufacturer ProDrive and
total integrator Metrological Media Innovations, Conceptronic will market
the YuiXX globally as the next generation Internet media player.
Combining personal media with Internet content, YuiXX is a unique &
digital TV experience for home use. The innovative YuiXX represents an
entirely new way of watching TV while enjoying the Internet at the same
The YuiXX is based on the powerful Intel® Media Processor CE 3100, the
first in a new family of purpose-built System-on-Chip (SoC) for the
Consumer Electronics market and built on Intel Architecture. The SoC
brings a great visual and audio experience to the Consumer Electronics
market space.
YuiXX widget Store based on Widget Channel Technology
The creation of a unique setup capable of showing all of the user's
personal media on TV is driven by the Widget Channel technology, a
software framework for bringing rich Internet applications called TV
Widgets to CE devices. TV Widgets are designed to enrich the TV viewing
experience by bringing together media, information and community.
YuiXX goes beyond existing TV Widget implementations by presenting all
widgets in stunning high definition.
Based on this technology, YuiXX has created the YuiXX widget store. Just
open the YuiXX widget store to see what widgets are available for use on
your TV. It only takes 2 simple steps on the remote control to make a new
widget available for use. The YuiXX will be regularly updated with more
and more widgets with different kinds of content and services such as VoD
(Video-on-demand), news, traffic information, weather, games and much
more. YuiXX offers both local (country dependent) and global content in
the widget store.
YuiXX media widget
One of the main features you can use once the YuiXX has been connected
at home is the YuiXX media widget; a unique media player & organizer in
one. All personal videos, music and photos stored on the YuiXX can be
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brought to your TV set or shared by wire or wirelessly to and from (all)
computers in the home.
Simple but smart
Even though the YuiXX packs a lot of technical novelties, it has been kept
simple. Thanks to the powerful 2D/3D graphics processor, the user
interface is full of nice graphics in real 1080p image quality instead of
simple text menus or SD images.
Its on-screen Setup Wizard guides the user through the initial settings,
doing away with the need for a manual. Just follow the questions on the
screen and you'll be ready to go before you know it.
YuiXX also offers the user several options for locating their media files.
The folder view allows you to browse through the available directories, a
useful setting if you already know the location of most files. The library
view displays all individual movies, music or photos visible on the
network, so you no longer need to remember the locations of your files
anymore. The search options (search by artist, title, etc.) make life easy
when you have 20.000 songs divided over several computers, as indexing
and updating the files on the HDD and available by UPnP is done
automatically. Setting up NFS or Samba shares can be done in advance in
the media settings. The various options allow the user to create a specific
setup. This makes the product suitable both for users who want a simple
setup and for typical "advanced users" trying to get more out of the
Just like other widgets, the YuiXX media widget can be displayed as a
sidebar on the TV while watching something else, but also full-screen for
fast search and photo slide shows. The user decides what to watch, when,
and how.
The YuiXX is a unique all-in-one media entertainment device combining
personal content with protected third-party content and services. This
makes it possible to combine traditional markets, such as set top boxes,
with the retail philosophy of a media player into one new market
Underpinning this perception, the YuiXX offers the possibility to choose
among different tuner types for multiple countries and compatible with
ISPs, Telcos or cable companies. The built-in smart card reader allows
consumers to use smart cards of their current providers in the YuiXX and
use a single product for multiple services. The first tuner version will be
available In February 2010.
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