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Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N700 comfily enters the burgeoning speaker-lapdesk market

This is where we've come as a society. No longer are external speakers, pillows or even laptop cooling apparatuses enough to satisfy us. Instead it takes a conglomeration of all three to prop up our hapless "portable" computers as we wallow in our Snuggies and fat free comfort foods. The new Logitech Speaker Lapdesk is one such $80 conglomeration, with two-inch stereo speakers, a built-in fan and a nice bit of padding to keep the whole assembly from frying your lap. It all plugs in over USB, both for audio and for fan power, and there are hardware buttons for switching the fan on and off and changing volume.

We gave it a quick trial run, and can certainly vouch for its comfort and protective qualities, though at the same time we're not quite sure why it's so enormous. The speakers are decently loud and clear, and the fan noise wasn't loud enough to be heard over the general din of the tradeshow, so there's really not much to complain about if you can stomach the price. But for anything smaller than a 17-inch laptop this is probably overly large for no apparent reason. There's a quick demo video after the break. %Gallery-81584%