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Philips CushionSpeaker coming to America this April for $80

Philips CushionSpeaker coming to America this April for $80
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|January 5, 2010 6:01 AM
Hear that? That's the sound of millions of Yanks celebrating in unison. Why the joviality? Because Philips' CushionSpeaker is coming to America, of course! The device -- which simultaneously serves as a lap-based laptop cushion / stand and an external speaker system -- first made waves last September when it debuted in Europe, but now that USers have evidently proven that they need one too, they're getting exactly what they want. We had a chance to tinker with the device, and largely, we agree with what has already been said. It's a perfectly fine cushion for using your laptop while kicking back on the sofa, but the bass-less speaker leaves a lot to be desired. It's set to ship to sofa sitters this April for $79.99, and if you're interested in the $39.99 to $49.99 Notebook Sleeve, $49.99 Notebook SoundBar and a variety of other peripherals that now have a stateside release in their future, the full details are posted after the break.
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Philips Notebook Accessories
On the go support

Philips introduces a new range of notebook accessories, designed around today's mobile lifestyle. Wherever you are, the Philips Notebook Accessories range is designed to help you get the most out of your notebook or netbook, whether you are working or looking for entertainment. The range consists of notebook sleeves, a Notebook CushionSpeaker, several models of USB speakers, a Bluetooth- enabled mouse that can be used without a surface, a webcam with cable management and direct YouTube® upload and a handy presenter – all with a stylish touch of technology.

Your notebook on the go
Whether using your notebook for work or play, the heat generated from sustained use can make your legs feel uncomfortable and could damage your notebook. The Philips Notebook Sleeve combines a soft cushion for your lap with a stable hard top that allows you to use the sleeve as a tray. An extra HeatProtect layer prevents overheating by allowing good air flow – which stops your lap from getting too hot. A storage pocket and hidden handle makes it easy carry the sleeve and your accessories. Damage can also occur in transit, so the Philips Notebook Sleeve is lined with a suede-like material and has a rounded, rubberized zip to help protect your notebook's surface. Available: April 2010; MSRP: $39.99-49.99

Use your notebook comfortably
Watching a 2-hour DVD on your notebook, listening to music or checking your emails in bed, you always want to be comfortable. So Philips has developed a new Notebook CushionSpeaker with a flat top and built-in speakers which give you exceptional sound quality. The soft cushion not only makes things more comfortable for long usage, but also helps prevent over-heating of your lap. Available: April 2010; MSRP: $79.99

Great sound anywhere, anytime
When outside the office or home you still want to enjoy the music stored on your notebook in great audio quality. The portable Notebook SoundBar is simple to use with a single USB cable and can either be clipped to the top of your notebook screen or free standing. The cable neatly wraps around the SoundBar for storage and it comes with a carrying pouch, making it easy to slip into your life and your pocket! The Philips Notebook USB Speakers are compact, with low power consumption, simple USB plug and cable management, and are perfect for boosting your bass. Notebook Soundbar Available: April 2010; MSRP: $49.99, Notebook USB Speakers Available: April 2010; MSRP: $24.99

Smart solutions for working anywhere, anytime
Unfortunately life isn't all play, but Philips wants to make sure that the hours you dedicate to work are as painless as possible. You want to be connected, and now you can be in control as well, as Philips introduces a new range of mice. Available: April 2010; MSRP: $15.99-79.99

There is the innovative Notebook Bluetooth Mouse with 360⁰ TouchControl. You don't need a flat surface for this mouse, you can navigate comfortably while relaxing on the sofa or in your local coffee house and be in full control of your notebook. Its touch sensor gives you the freedom to move in all directions, and it comes with an integrated USB cable for battery recharging. Within the range of Notebook Mice, Philips further addresses the need for wireless usage, better cable management and the preference for the traditional scroll wheel.

The new little Philips Notebook Presenter will surely become your trusted partner in professional presentations. Wireless, intuitive and featuring gestural control, this presenter is not only a laser point to guide the audience through your charts, but it works like a mouse in the air. Easy to use with well-designed buttons, just switch to mouse mode and you can control all your files on the projector without going back to your notebook! This intuitive control works with MAC and PC, and no software is needed- you just plug in the nano dongle and you're ready to go. Available: April 2010; MSRP: $89.99

Philips Notebook Sleeve
• Hard top to secure stability and use as a tray for notebook
• HeatProtect creating good air flow and ensuring your lap does not overheat
• Soft fabric-lined material protects your notebook from scratches while you are on the go
• Storage pocket and hidden handle make it easy to carry the sleeve and your accessories

Philips Notebook CushionSpeaker
• Integrated premium speakers with retractable USB cable
• Stable surface secures good airflow to prevent overheating lap
• Soft cushion for comfortable long usage

Philips Notebook SoundBar
• Plug & Play - Only one USB cable for both premium sound and power
• Two possibilities: Clip on top of notebook screen or beside the notebook

Philips Notebook USB Speakers
• USB power for easy set-up
• Volume control on speakers
• Cable management
• Works with MAC/PC

Philips Notebook Mouse
• Full range of mice
• Unique features include: Hidden cable, re-charging function via USB, 360⁰ TouchControl

Philips Notebook Presenter
• Easy-to-control, intuitive buttons designed so user does not need to see them when pressing
• Easy-to-use gesture control feature allows user to use the presenter as a mouse in the air
• Nano dongle can be stored inside presenter
• No software needed