Philips CushionSpeaker examined, found to be ok cushion, decent speaker

It's not every day that someone attempts to redesign the humble laptop cushion, but Philips has done just that with its new CushionSpeaker which, somehow, someway manages to combine a cushion and a speaker. As our pals at Engadget Spanish found out first-hand at IFA, that combination actually delivers mostly as promised, but not without a few trade-offs. The good news is that speaker does seem to be of reasonable quality, and should be an improvement over most laptop speakers (the retractable USB cord is also a nice touch). On the downside, while the cushion is apparently suitably cushiony, the hard plastic surface isn't exactly the most conductive to keeping your laptop in place -- such are the perils of innovation. Hit up the link below for a closer look, and look for the CushionSpeaker to be available sometime soon (in Europe, at least) for €69, or just under $100.