Magnetic unveils a clutch of glasses-free 3D displays

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|01.06.10

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Magnetic unveils a clutch of glasses-free 3D displays
As you well know, Magnetic 3D is one of many companies that have been dabbling in 3D sans glasses -- and lo and behold! Here we are in Las Vegas where the company is debuting three new auto-stereoscopic product lines including the Allura (commercial grade high-definition 3D LCD monitors up to 55-inches), Emersa (3D displays for close proximity viewing up to 42-inches), and Envolve 3D touch displays for commercial uses -- you know, slot gaming, kiosks, and all sorts of red hot Vegas-y stuff. Will this be the year that 3D displays stop giving us headaches? Time will tell...
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