Mitsubishi's projection HDTVs get an adapter to deal with Blu-ray 3D

As frustrated as many haters are at the flood of 3D displays announced in the run up to CES, imagine how Mitsubishi must feel since it's been shipping compatible projection TVs for quite some time. The price of being ahead of the curve? Plugging upcoming 3D Blu-ray discs into your 82-inch projection display will require the new 3DC-1000 3D adapter to switch those right/left images to the checkerboard format Mitsubishi uses. Despite reversed polarized lenses in the demo RealD shutter glasses, flipping them upside down for a quick impression revealed 3D with as much smoothness and pop as we've experienced from competing technologies -- when flashing bulbs and jostling crowds weren't throwing off the IR synchronization. With the "easy and affordable" (but no specific price given) adapter due in the spring it should be just in time for that Avatar 3D viewing party, or maybe a bit of footy if that's more your style.