Live from AT&T's Developer Summit

We're rocking to some extremely funky beats here as we wait for AT&T Developer Summit to kick off here in Vegas. Stay tuned!

11:44AM Donovan's done -- and that's a wrap!

11:40AM "We'll offer the widest choice of operating systems." That may very well be true -- especially prior to wide-scale LTE availability.

11:33AM 2 LTE trials in 2010, 19 commercial markets in 2011, 34 in 2012, 80 in 2013.

11:32AM "AT&T has millions of customers who will immediately benefit" from its 7.2Mbps software upgrade that just finished rolling out. To be sure, a good number of devices in AT&T's stable already support it.

11:31AM Donovan's got stats up showing a 17 percent year-over-year drop in dropped calls -- we suspect this is Root's analysis from a couple months back, but we're not certain on that.

11:30AM AT&T has the most HSPA customers of any carrier in the world -- SK Telecom is a distant second.

11:29AM AT&T has 21 percent of the world's HSPA subscribers. Wow.

11:29AM He didn't really go on to explain the iPhone quip, but frankly, it doesn't matter too much how AT&T got into the mess -- the important thing is that they've recognized it and they appear to be working to get out of it.

11:28AM "I know what you're all thinking -- the iPhone -- but your only partially right."

11:28AM There's a graph up showing exponential growth in data usage since the third quarter of '06 -- he's tying it in, naturally, to an explosive increase in mobile app usage.

11:24AM Next we've got John Donovan, AT&T's CTO. This could be very, very interesting.

11:23AM Jacobs is off the stage. Not a lot of wild info there -- just stats on BREW and his assurance that AT&T's BrewMP rollout is going to kick ass.

11:16AM Between 2011 and 2013, Qualcomm's multi-core Scorpion processors will support OpenGL ES 3.0 with performance on par with a PS2 or first-gen Xbox. We'd definitely consider a device with 15 minutes of battery life for that kind of performance.

11:11AM They've got a slide up showing four devices depicting the evolution of the wireless market -- the first three appear to be real Motorolas and Nokias, but the touch-centric phone on the far right looks like a Photoshopped LG Shine. In fact, we're quite sure it is.

11:08AM "I suspect you guys are happy to be here, but I'm REALLY happy to be here to talk about BREW."

11:08AM Qualcomm's CEO Paul Jacobs is taking the stage.

11:02AM They're going over the Plusmo acquisition from earlier this year, saying it'll help devs create cross-platform widgets.

10:58AM Here's a great stat from Christopher: "Last year we sold more quick messaging devices than all other US carriers sold Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Palm devices combined."

10:53AM David Christopher, AT&T Mobility's CMO, is coming up next.

10:51AM Ralph's off the stage.

10:49AM De la Vega, in talking about accelerated app development: "How's our network going to support this growth?" He's trumpeting many of the same things he has been recently: the 7.2Mbps rollout, new cell sites and improved backhaul.

10:44AM AT&T apparently certified some 367 "emerging devices" last year -- M2M, radio modules, e-readers, and the like. A pretty impressive number.

10:41AM Now he's going over AT&T's "three screens" strategy -- apps not just for mobile, but for U-verse, too.

10:40AM The first BREW Mobile Platform phones will hit AT&T in the second half of this year.

10:39AM They're standardizing on Qualcomm's BREW -- by 2011, AT&T plans to have over 90 percent of its messaging devices on BREW alone.

10:38AM Text-centric devices are going to be getting the lion's share of AT&T's dumbphone app dev attention.

10:37AM Ralph wants to "spur [the] apps revolution beyond smartphones." Over half of AT&T's postpaid customers are using "midrange" dumbphones, so it makes a lot of sense that they want to help devs target this area of the market.

10:36AM AT&T's now got direct support for the Palm App Catalog, Android Market, Ovi Store, and Windows Marketplace -- carrier billing (where possible) and direct technical support.

10:34AM Ralph doesn't seem ready or willing to discuss the Palms, just the fact that they're coming later in the year.

10:34AM "Our customers will have a better 3G experience" when these devices launch. We'll see!

10:34AM Two new smartphones from Palm.

10:32AM Ralph is back: "But wait, there's more!" Now he's talking about an Android-powered exclusive from HTC -- Peter Chou is taking the stage.

10:31AM Dell's Ron Garriques -- formerly of Motorola -- is on the stage talking about the Mini 3.

10:30AM "We are pleased to offer the first smartphone by Dell." This is clearly the Mini 3, another AT&T exclusive.

10:29AM AT&T exclusive Android device from Moto -- we suspect he's talking about the Backflip. Here comes Sanjay Jha!

10:28AM Five new devices from HTC, Dell, and Motorola based on Android.

10:28AM They're adding webOS and Android devices in the first half!

10:28AM He's committing to support "all major smartphone systems." Sooo... Android?

10:27AM "The fact that we committed... to GSM a few years back was a big, big plus."

10:27AM De la Vega says that they're going to present the most comprehensive framework for delivering apps to devices; all carriers are pushing this meme these days, it seems.

10:25AM Look, Ralph, we know apps are important and all, but seriously -- you just announced a bunch of Android devices. Can we touch on those real quicklike?

10:21AM Explosive growth in mobile apps -- Strategy Analytics says US alone downloaded over 832M of 'em in 2009, more than any other single country.

10:20AM "Today we have some very exciting news to share with you. I'm going to give you details about how we're taking our developer program to the next level."

10:20AM Ralph's on the stage!

10:19AM Ralph's favorite mobile app? An RSS reader, allegedly (with Engadget at the very top, we hope).

10:17AM Ralph de la Vega -- the head honcho -- is about to take the stage.

10:17AM They're talking about some of the devs behind the apps -- real feel-good stuff here.

10:15AM Bradley's going through the day's schedule -- there's a code camp that runs until frickin' 3AM. This is a seriously geeky event.

10:15AM Motorola, HTC, Dell, Pantech, RIM, and others are all involved today. Could be an interesting show. Android, anyone? (RIM, we know you're not playing that game.)

10:13AM "AT&T's developer program is about to kick into a new gear."

10:12AM SVP of Devices Jeff Bradley is taking the stage.

10:12AM Here we go!