Marvell debuts quad core Armada ARM processor for kicking your mobile apps in the face

Marvell's already been showing some pretty great devices (like Spring Design's Alex, pictured) based on its Armada 500 (smartbook / nettop) and 600 (mobile) processors, but apparently that was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The real meat is in Marvell's newly announced quadcore versions of those very same GHz+ chips, which should put mobile devices into a different league power-wise -- at least until Marvell's competition hops on board. There's no telling how much these will cost or when they'll show up, but Marvell says they're aimed at the "mass consumer market" and "high volume gaming applications." Gaming, huh? Perhaps Tegra 2 has a little bit of competition in the prospective DS 2 chip race.