MSI dualscreen e-reader hands-on (update: video!)

We have been hearing about dualscreen laptops (and readers) for too long now, but it's MSI to be the first to show off a real working unit. And it's everything we have ever dreamed of -- well kind of. Though MSI is calling this dual 10-inch screen device an e-reader, it's really a netbook with two screens since it's got an Atom Z Series processor and Windows 7 Home Premium. But it's how the two screens work together that we can't get out of our minds. Hit the break for some more impressions and to see this crazy thing on video.

The all metal device is about the size of a netbook and it actually felt quite heavy in our hand. On the inside of the dual 10-inch, capacitive multitouch screens work like extended displays and we were able to drag windows from one screen to the other. The entire thing was a bit flaky since it's obviously running some beta software, but the digital keyboard was easy to pull up and had a haptic-like feedback when we started typing on the bottom screen. The whole thing is pretty damn awesome for a very early build, and the fact that MSI actually plans to bring it to market within the year is pretty unbelievable. We'll bring you more details as we get them, but for now check the video.