OCZ unveils ultraslim USB 3.0 external SSD, Vertex 2 and new PCI-e SSDs

OCZ has a thing for pumping out some pretty swank concepts at trade shows, and sure enough, the company's storming onto the CES floor with a number of drool-worthy introductions. Up first (and dearest to our hearts) is the ultrathin USB 3.0 external solid state drive, which offers up a 5Gb/sec transfer rate and should ship in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities. Someday, for some price. The outfit is also dishing out the Vertex 2 line of MLC-based internal SSDs as well as a second-generation PCI-Express design that's aimed for the enterprise crowd. Specifics are few and far between, but we're hoping to get a little hands-on time (with as many details as we can gather) soon. Really soon.