Toshiba's Cell TV hands-on at CES

Toshiba may have announced a few things today at CES, but its press event was all about one major product: Cell TV. From what we can gather, the company is hopping on this bandwagon in a way we haven't seen since it sank its teeth into HD DVD, and if all the claims pan out, you just might be looking at your next television. Details were short on future pricing and availability, but we get the idea that Tosh wants this on the market as soon as humanly possible. Reportedly, this thing will enable 2D-to-3D conversion of practically any content you watch; of course, we've seen content that was shot in 3D look awful when behind the glasses, so we're not counting on the quality of the metamorphosis to be anything mind-blowing. That said, having such a chip within a TV opens up a whole new world of possibilities, and the accompanying uber-box shown in the gallery below is likely to sell right alongside of it. The purpose? To connect your "entire home" with your HDTV, not to mention bringing web content, video calling and stellar image quality to your otherwise drab den. Needless to say, we're on pins and needles here waiting for more information, but we'll be sure to pass it on as soon as it becomes available.