HP dv4i leaks out: it's a $799 dv4 with a Core i5

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|01.08.10

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HP dv4i leaks out: it's a $799 dv4 with a Core i5
Not sure why HP didn't announce this Core i5-powered dv4i with the rest of its CES laptops, but hey -- we didn't get an official announce of that slate last night either, so maybe HP just hates interesting things. Anyway, it's a dv4 with a Core i5, 2GB of DD3 RAM, ATI Mobility 4550 graphics powering a 1280x800 14-inch display, and an optional Blu-ray drive for $799, so yeah, we'd really want one if it didn't have the same terrible chrome trackpad as the rest of the dv line. Swing and a miss.

[Thanks, Billy]
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