L5 iPhone IR dongle / remote software hands-on

Jacob Schulman
J. Schulman|01.08.10

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L5 iPhone IR dongle / remote software hands-on
Well, we just got a demo of the L5 Remote at ShowStoppers and we're glad to report that the IR accessory for iPhone / iPod touch works exactly as promised. The IR signals are outputted by a small dongle that attaches to the dock connector of your device that works in conjunction with a free app from the company. During our first attempt at a demo, the software -- which is still in BETA version -- crashed, but the same can't be said the second time around. Programming a new device is as easy as pointing any IR device at the receiver and pressing the buttons that the app dictates. Programming multiple rooms, changing button layouts, and managing multiple devices is a snap, though we wish you didn't have to use the iPhone upside down to use it. According to reps on site, it should be shipping by the end of February, and once it does, you'll never have to worry about losing a remote again.

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