Tunebug Shake and Vibe ears-on at CES 2010

Jacob Schulman
J. Schulman|01.07.10

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One of the more interesting pieces of tech on display at Digital Experience was the Tunebug Shake. It's a small device that can be attached to a helmet (of mostly any kind) that turns it into a speaker. Coming with both a 3.5-mm jack and stereo Bluetooth support, the connection options should allow it to work with almost any audio-outputting device. Unfortunately, you can only control the volume from the Shake itself -- changing songs are a no go, or as the kind PR rep put it "it's always on shuffle." Tunebug also had the Vibe on display, which is similar, but instead turns regular surfaces into impromptu speakers. We'll be honest, the sound quality from both was a bit lackluster, but we were also testing it out in a huge ballroom full of people. We'll have to see how it really fares once these units start shipping to real live customers. Feel free to take a peek at the puck-like devices in our hands-on gallery.
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