EA Sports announces upcoming line of peripherals

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EA Sports announces upcoming line of peripherals
If you use it to play the game, it's in the game, right? While they aren't all bundled like Peter Moore suggested in 2008, EA announced that it has made agreements with three companies to produce EA Sports-branded game peripherals. While no details about the actual product lines have been announced (except that some of them will be used with EA Sports Active, which does come bundled with accessories), EA did name the three companies it's working with.

Sakar International will market EA Sports accessories for Wii and DS, as well as "a full range of EA Sports-branded multi-media and computer accessories"; Sunflex Europe will sell an unspecified line of peripherals in Europe; and, most mysteriously, A4T will produce accessories for "all platforms, including iPod," with exclusive rights in the UK and Ireland.
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