JVC unveils a wide array of ominous iPod docks

Joseph L. Flatley
J. Flatley|01.08.10

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JVC unveils a wide array of ominous iPod docks
For those about to dock, JVC has plenty iPod / iPhone sound systems coming out this year. First off, the company has unloaded a pair of shelf systems with dual iPod docks that each sport a USB port for mass storage playback and the requisite audio input, video output, CD player, and AM/FM receiver. Either get the UX-F3 (60 watts) for $200 when it comes out in May, or drop $400 for the 230 watt NX-D2 with Sound Turbo for "wall-shaking, bone shattering, low frequency performance." (Woah!) For nano fans, the SP-A130 is a compact powered speaker available in the four iPod nano 5G colors. Get yours in March for $29.95. If you spend a lot of time in bed (or wakin' up), the new RD-N1 ($130) CD player/tuner/iPod dock is one-piece tuner / CD player /clock radio with front facing audio input. Available in April. If you want to save a few bucks, the RA-P1 eschews the CD player and is priced for $60. Available in April. Last but certainly not least, the JVC Kaboom! is an iPod dock / boombox with USB for external media playback, CD player (with WMA and MP3 playback), FM tuner, and front audio input. Available this month for $300. PR after the break.
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Two new systems feature top-panel iPod docks, high power and stylish new design.

LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2010 – iPod® users can double their listening pleasure with new JVC shelf systems that feature iPod docks that hold two of the ubiquitous music players. The new systems underscore JVC's reputation for top quality sound while offering unique new convenience features, iPod connectivity and contemporary designs.

The JVC UX-F3 offers a total power output of 60 watts and comes with a pair of two-way speakers. The system provides dual-docking for the latest generation of iPod and iPhone products. A video output allows iPod-stored video to be played through a connected television. Other features include USB Host for playback of music files stored on a USB mass storage device, a front audio input for connecting other devices, CD playback and an AM/FM tuner.

JVC's new NX-D2, a powerful 230-watt system with three-way speaker design, accommodates two iPod players side-by side, charging them simultaneously and offering playback from each through the dock's speaker system. In addition to the dual iPod dock, the system includes JVC's Sound Turbo for wall-shaking low frequency performance, USB Host, CD player and AM/FM tuner. The included remote features dedicated iPod control keys that simulate the iPod control wheel layout. Users can easily shuffle, repeat, scroll and select songs from the iPod menu.

Both systems are wrapped in a black glossy finish, with the main unit accented by blue illumination of the touch panel.

Pricing and availability:
UX-F3 May $199.95
NX-D2 January $399.95



New AC/DC clock radio and CD player/tuner feature built-in iPod docks.

LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2010 – Two new multifunctional iPod® docks were announced today by JVC – a one-piece table radio-style entertainment center with CD player and FM tuner and a clock radio that offers the options of AC or battery power.

The new RD-N1 CD player/tuner/iPod dock is an elegantly designed one-piece system with clean, simple, European-type styling, with a high quality black finish. It offers a top-mounted iPod dock, CD player and FM tuner, plus a front audio input for connecting other playback devices. Power output is three watts per channel.

The RA-P1 is a sleekly-styled, low-profile clock radio with a top-mounted iPod dock that is compatible with the iPhone 3G and that can be operated via AC power or batteries. It features an FM tuner, dual alarm with snooze, calendar and an audio input for connecting other playback devices.

Price and availability:

RA-P1 March $59.95
RD-N1 April $129.95



Renowned boombox now includes a built-in iPod® dock and USB Host.

LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2010 – The JVC Kaboom is back and updated for the digital age. The legendary boombox, first launched in 1998 and renowned for its high power and durability, remains true to its heritage, but now includes a built-in iPod® dock and USB Host.

The new JVC RV-NB50 Kaboom boasts 40 watts of power and retains the original's general design – a large cylindrical shape with a woofer at each end. Bass enhancement circuitry ensures room-rattling low frequency performance. Digital era upgrades include the iPod dock, which is shielded from the elements by a protective door, and USB Host for playback of music files stored on a USB mass storage device. In addition, there's a CD player that can handle MP3 and WMA file playback, and an FM tuner. For additional flexibility, there's a front audio input. A remote control makes it easy to operate while a shoulder strap makes it a cinch to carry.

The JVC RV-NB50 Kaboom is available this month for $299.95.



New SP-A130 is available in four iPod nano colors.

LAS VEGAS, January 7, 2010 – An iPod® nano-matching powered portable speaker was announced today by JVC. The new JVC SP-A130 is a compact, portable speaker available in four iPod nano 5G colors.

The compact SP-A130 is a dual driver speaker that features a sliding cover design so it remains small and easy to pack when not in use and protects the two drivers. Sliding it open exposes both drivers along with the built-in storage area in the back for the connecting cord. A stand allows the speaker to be easily propped up for use.

The JVC SP-A130 features two one-inch (30mm) speaker drivers each powered by 160 milliwatts. An active/passive mode switch allows the choice of powering the speaker with its own amplifier or by the connected device. The SP-A130 is powered by two AAA batteries.

The JVC SP-A130 portable speakers are available in four iPod® Nano matching colors: black, silver, pink and blue. It will be available in March for $29.95.
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