VIZIO CES concept designs show a future of ultrawidescreen, ultrathin & wireless HDTVs

VIZIO's announced 2010 lineup is alright and we'll get to them in a minute, but a few slick concepts were more than enough to distract us momentarily from nearer future products. What did we get our eyes on? Check the gallery and continue our shared experience with a 1/4" thick "Blade" LCD TV, 24-inch portable wireless (WiFi) HDTV, universal touchscreen IR remote, Quad HD display, Bluetooth headphones and of course the 58-inch 21:9 ultrawidescreen beauty shown above. We wouldn't be surprised if at least some of these are closer to production than several announced products here in Vegas, so check the video & press release after the break before trawling the shelves of local Wal-marts looking for a leak.

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At CES 2010, VIZIO Goes "Beyond TV," Revealing Exciting Upcoming Technologies

- Multi-Room Wireless system powered by Celeno enables Full HDTV in any room with VIZIO Wireless HDTVs

- Active Full HD3D renders 3D images in full 1080p resolution

- 4K x 2K Quad Full HD display is the next generation of HD resolution in the home

- 58" Cinema Display has 21x9 aspect ratio for 2.35:1 Cinemascope films

- Ultra-thin ½" and ¼" Blade TVs showcase advanced industrial design

- HD Powerline networking enables Connected HDTVs and Blu-ray players to operate wirelessly without WiFi

- VIZIO enters headphone market with new concept Home Theater and Lifestyle designs

- First VIZIO universal touchscreen remote to be shown

Las Vegas, NV and Irvine, CA – January 6, 2010 -- VIZIO, America's HDTV and Consumer Electronics Company, will present its next generation HDTV and "Beyond TV" technologies during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In a private suite at the Wynn Las Vegas hotel, VIZIO will demonstrate multiple new technologies. Whole-home portable TV will be shown using VIZIO's Multi-Room Wireless Full HDTV system based on Celeno's WiFi chipset. A 65" 120 Hz 3D HDTV with full 1080p resolution will be presented alongside VIZIO's first Quad Full HD 4K x 2K HDTV, which has four times the number of pixels and resolution of a 1080p display. A brand-new HDTV experience is VIZIO's Cinema Display, which has a 21x9 aspect ratio, to show "Scope" films on the entire screen area with no black bars. Also shown will be a new HDTV Powerline Networking system for the home that uses the AC power line to connect devices in the home. VIZIO's design chops are reflected in the new ultra-thin Blade TVs, which feature stunning industrial design and incredibly thin profiles as shallow as ¼". Expanding VIZIO's commitment to HD audio are new concept, high-performance Home Theater and Lifestyle headphones.

"Our CES presentation amounts to a hands-on workshop of the new technologies that will drive the HD market in 2010 and beyond," says Matthew McRae, VP of Products at VIZIO. "Our expanded R&D efforts not only involve work with the latest technologies but research into the next generation of technologies that lie just over the horizon. The entire team is driven to identify and then develop the latest and the best technologies, in order to bring them to market, resulting in an expanded and enhanced HDTV experience for the consumer."

Multi-Room Wireless Full HDTV

Wireless HDTV in any location in the home will be possible with VIZIO's Wireless HDTV based on Celeno's WiFi chipset. Viewers will be able to enjoy cable-free HDTV anywhere in the home on a Wireless VIZIO HDTV. Demonstrations will be made using a 24" VIZIO Wireless HDTV.

Celeno's 802.11 + OptimizAIR system works in the 5 GHz band and operates over 20 channels with unique redundancy to provide up to 10 times the throughput and range of standard WiFi systems. The system delivers flicker-free Full HD reception throughout the home and is able to connect up to 120 feet from the base station, even through multiple walls. Plug and play setup is easy and simple.

"Integrating Celeno carrier-grade HD video over WiFi enables VIZIO to offer their customers an ideal solution for a home HDTV distribution network," said Gilad Rozen, Celeno's CEO. "We are very pleased to be in a technology partnership with a market leader like VIZIO, allowing us to deliver this exciting capability to the widest possible number of consumers."

Active Full HD3D TV

3D Full HDTV will be demonstrated with a 65" XVT Pro set that uses Sensio 3D technology to deliver dramatic 3D content that is viewed by using XpanD active-shutter glasses. While 3DTVs with passive technology and lenses cannot display Full HD, VIZIO's active 3D technology delivers full 1080p images to each eye, switching each lens from opaque to transparent in perfect synchronization with the images displayed on the television. This technology allows these sets to display 3D content from DVD and Blu-ray players, cable, satellite and broadcasts, as well as provide a 3D gaming experience.

Quad Full HD 4K x 2K HDTV

Another spectacular demonstration of future display technology is VIZIO's Quad 4K x 2K HDTV. With 8 megapixels, fully four times the pixels of 1080p displays, this 56" LCD concept piece boasts a resolution of 3840x2160. Exhibiting the same resolution as Digital Cinema projectors used in commercial digital theaters, this presentation will reveal the benefits of higher resolution displays for the home.

21x9 Cinema Display HDTV

Defined by its native 21x9 aspect ratio, VIZIO's Cinema Display is the ultimate HDTV for film lovers. Previously available only by using very expensive projectors with special lenses and video processing, film enthusiasts can now view 2:35:1 "Scope" films on the entire screen display area on an LED HDTV, with full resolution and no black bars. Demonstration will be on a 58" display with 2560x1080 resolution.

Ultra-Thin Blade TV

The dramatic industrial designs and ultra-thin chassis of VIZIO's upcoming Blade TV product line make a striking fashion statement and are the closest approach yet to a zero-depth display. At an incredible ¼" depth, the 42" Blade model is a 120 Hz LED with Edge illumination, Smart Dimming and a 1 Million:1 contrast ratio. The 26" model also has a .25" display and edge illumination. Both sets are 1080p Full HD.

Powerline Networking

Where WiFi is not available, VIZIO's new HDTV Powerline Networking system is the solution. Using a home base station that plugs into any convenient AC outlet, this one port Ethernet as LAN system uses the existing power circuit in the home to bridge devices and provide Internet access for VIZIO VIA Connected TVs and Blu-ray players. Home Plug 2 compliant, with 128 bit AES encryption, the system provides a robust and secure connection with easy plug and play setup.

HD Audio Home Theater and Lifestyle Headphones

Expanding VIZIO's high-performance high-value proposition on the audio side of the A/V experience, VIZIO will present three lines of new concept Home Theater and Lifestyle headphones. Bringing fashion to premium audio performance, VIZIO's multiple styles offer groundbreaking designs and the very latest in audio technology to please the most demanding audio enthusiast.

With an innovative LCD screen located on each earpiece, VIZIO's LCD Bluetooth headphones connect wirelessly to Bluetooth audio sources, and can display album cover art, a Visualizer, or other personalized images on the embedded LCD screens. The high-end home theater Europa Bluetooth wireless headphones have a wraparound style that offers a selection of textured finishes that include hand-stitched leather. For listeners on-the-go, a line of sleek earbud headphones use ultrathin cabling and can be tucked neatly away in a convenient pocket carrying case.