Rebellion refuses to 'water down' Aliens vs. Predator, readying demo

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Rebellion refuses to 'water down' Aliens vs. Predator, readying demo
In a recent interview with AvPGalaxy, Rebellion Studios' Martin Kennedy and Alex Moore openly spoke their minds regarding last month's Australian ratings fiasco with Aliens vs. Predator before revealing news of an upcoming demo for the game. "People who want the game will get [it] imported, it's not going to hurt us ... if anything it's been a bit of decent publicity," Kennedy said. "We're not going to water down the game for countries that can't treat adults like adults," continued Moore.

Moore even went as far as to compare Australia's ban-happy government (as of late, at least) to past situations with Germany. "Germany's always one of those places that we've known it was going to be difficult because the first one [game] got banned in Germany as well." When pressed on the subject of a demo, however, the duo were more careful in their wording. "There will be a demo ...that's all we can say," Moore confirmed. Considering the game is still on schedule for an "early 2010" release (maybe February?), we're hoping that the demo will be arriving sooner rather than later.

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