Nokia N900 gets first software update, but don't expect much

Nokia has announced that it has started pushing the N900's very first post-launch update, but apparently it's not anything crazy like Maemo 6 (yeah, we know it's not even close to ready, but you know you want it) or system-wide portrait orientation support -- instead, it's just a minor bump designed to prepare the set for the upcoming launch of the Maemo-flavored Ovi Store. That's great news for anyone looking for a more unified way to get paid apps on the phone, a significant step towards making Maemo a more consumer-friendly platform than it is at the present. Look for the update to be available globally within the next day or so, both over-the-air and via Nokia Software Update on your desktop.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update: We're being told that the Ovi Store's now accessible from the device at -- anyone care to share stories of success or failure? Thanks, Matija!