WoW Moviewatch: Circles

Michael Gray
M. Gray|01.12.10

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WoW Moviewatch: Circles
Circles is the first machinima creation by Moonora the Mooing Druid. She has some background in broadcasting and is apparently a long-time watcher of Moviewatch. After some consideration, she decided to try her own hand at World of Warcraft machinima.

I think her first attempt is pretty successful. The video does justice to the song, which is usually the first acid test for whether or not a music video can stand on its own merit. Her animation and graphics seem smooth and convincing. The pace of the vidoe goes well with the song's vibrant energy, and the whole thing comes together fairly well.

I know some folks won't like the use of Blood Elves in the video, but I think they were probably the best race for use in this kind of work. Besides, the sort of extravagance and elegance portrayed in Silvermoon as a pretty strong counterpoint to the lyrics, which means the city's natural inhabitants should probably be featured.

Congratulations to Moonora on her first work. I hope to see more!

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