EPIX coming to Mediacom Communications

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|01.14.10

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EPIX coming to Mediacom Communications
EPIXThe first movie network to launch as both an HD cable network and an online HD streaming service just got picked up by the 7th largest cable company in the US. Starting in April, Mediacom Communications' customers will be able to pay for access to the 24x7 HD feed as well as the ability to stream all of the same movies via EPIX's website. We're still on the fence about the value of this channel, on one had you get access to stream the content in high quality, but on the other there are networks that charge around the same price give you multiple HD channels. We haven't sat down and figured out how many movies you are getting access to compared to the multi-channel options, but ultimately the value of the online streaming isn't much to us since we prefer to watch HD on our HDTV. Regardless we're sure someone will be happy to have another choice for HD movies.
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