Telltale giving away Trogdor-themed episode of Strong Bad today

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Telltale giving away Trogdor-themed episode of Strong Bad today
Happy Trogday, everybody! What? It's definitely a government-sanctioned holiday, steeped in tradition, and celebrated by millions of peoples across the globe. Telltale wouldn't make something like this up, just to help sell its adventure series Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, which has been temporarily discounted to $19.99 (when added to the cart). It's a real, legitimate holiday, based on an ancillary character from a popular web cartoon. Jeez. Maybe read an encyclopedia, sometime.

Following in the honored Trogday custom, Telltale has a present for you: The fifth chapter of SBCG4AP, titled 8-Bit is Enough, for free. Appropriately, this particular chapter is very Trogdor-centric -- but we find it difficult to get excited about that. We only have room for one Trogdor-based game in our hearts, and that game is Peasant's Quest. Why not dust off the ol' Videlectrix Diskbooter, and give it a spin?
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