Samsung Galaxy Spica getting Android 2.0 upgrade next month?

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|01.15.10

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Among the production Android devices presently languishing on pre-Donut are the Galaxy and Galaxy Spica from Samsung -- both of which use essentially stock implementations of the platform, robbing Sammy of the code-porting excuse that HTC has been using with Sense. That might be close to changing, though, now that Samsung Firmware's saying that the Spica (alias Galaxy Lite) is signed up for a 2.0 update in February and that they "think its [sic] also for the Galaxy." Now, Samsung Firmware is far from an official Samsung source -- but seeing how the site maintains a vice-like grip on every conceivable Samsung ROM the second it's released, they've got some basis to be trusted on these matters. Of course, there's also the circumstantial evidence that the company simply has no excuse whatsoever to sit on the update any longer than it already has -- not to say that's ever stopped a company before, sadly.
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