LG Display's 19-inch E Ink display plays loose with the truth

Well doesn't that look impressive? A big 'ol 19-inch electronic ink display that appears to emulate your father's newspaper. No doubt, this massive Metal-Foil e-paper prototype from LG Display is impressive at this size (just 0.3-mm thin and 250×400mm -- about the same size as a 297×420-mm sheet of A3) and weight (130 grams). Hell, we were already impressed with the flexible 11.5-inch panel from LG Display found in the Skiff Reader. However, like the rigid Skiff Reader, a flexible panel doesn't mean that we'll be seeing a flexible e-reader. In fact, chances are we won't after the manufacturer gets through adding a touchscreen overlay, application processor, and radio chipset. Let's hope for a surprise though, whenever these panels do make it out for mass production... assuming anyone still cares about monochrome E Ink displays by then.