Flickr (err, Etsy) Find: Iron Mac

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|01.16.10

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Flickr (err, Etsy) Find: Iron Mac
Ok, so usually our Flickr Find feature is about photographic stuff, but this was so cool I had to share it anyway. Gizmodo (via SlashFilm) found this awesome MacBook sticker over on Etsy, and I think, though the Newton one is still cool, that we have a new winner for coolest MacBook sticker ever. Unfortunately, it's sold out, but I just love the way the logo is used in a pretty awesomely defiant B&W portrait of Iron Man.

In other sticker news, Cult of Mac says the Steve Jobs sticker they found is probably the best one ever, but the funny Carmen Miranda mod on that page is excellent, too. I wouldn't normally just put stickers on my laptop -- it's too good looking already to muddy up with other graphics. But this Iron Mac sticker would be the sure-fire exception.
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