Hello Kitty Online's Food for Friends 2 event provides Haiti disaster relief

James Egan
J. Egan|01.18.10

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Hello Kitty Online's Food for Friends 2 event provides Haiti disaster relief
One of the things that's different about Hello Kitty Online, beyond the pink hearts and stars motif, is that the game ties in with some great charitable causes. Now Sanrio Digital has announced the "Food for Friends 2" guild competition, an event that lets guilds compete for Loyalty Point prizes for use in the Hello Kitty Online item mall while helping people in the real world. Players from select regions (North America, Europe, Singapore, Malaysia) who participate in Food for Friends 2 will generate real money donations (from event sponsors) through their gameplay that will help disaster relief efforts in Haiti.

Food for Friends 2 runs from January 21-30 and getting involved is very simple. Players can log in and head on over to Hello Kitty Online's version of London to speak with an NPC named Cinnamaroll. He's collecting crafted consumable items for the needy. The more people from your guild who donate these items, the higher your guild's point standings increase.
Sanrio Digital states: "The total donation points accumulated by players in HKO North America, Europe, Singapore, and Malaysia will be used to calculate a real-world donation to Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) for aid efforts to the Haiti earthquake victims. This donation is sponsored by Sanrio Digital (the developer and owner of HKO), Aeria Games (publisher of HKO North America), Burda:ic GmbH (publisher of HKO Europe), and Oriented Games (publisher of HKO Malaysia and Singapore)."

The event is still open to Hello Kitty Online players in other regions, but real world charitable donations will only be made in the regions mentioned above. If you've been curious about checking out Hello Kitty Online, either for yourself or for your kids, this would be an ideal time to jump in and help people in need through your gameplay. You can read more about Food for Friends 2 in the game's official announcement.
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