Sony's PS3 motion controller might be called Arc, or something far less bodacious

Remember that retooled controller that Sony seemed darn well inclined to bring to the masses with its PlayStation 3? Some might say that was the original Arc, but given that just about everyone laughed the design off and forced the company's hand with the conventional SIXAXIS, there seems to be a distinct possibility that the suits are about to get their revenge. According to "a concrete source speaking under conditions of strict anonymity," VG247 has it that Sony's forthcoming PS3 motion controller will be labeled Arc when it hits retail shelves sometime "this year." If you'll recall, we knew that the device was called Gem (or was it Sphere?) during its internal production, but this is first time we've been notified of a proper name for those "on the outside." 'Course, only time (and high-ranking marketers) will tell whether the moniker will stick, but we find ourselves strangely attracted -- who knows, maybe we're just sympathetic.