Rogers' HTC Magic having 911 call problems on Rogers, too

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|01.20.10

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Rogers' HTC Magic having 911 call problems on Rogers, too
Turns out it doesn't matter if you took up Rogers on its offer to swap your Dream to a Magic after all, because the bug's spreading: Canada's first keyboardless Android set is confirmed to be suffering from the same dangerous malaise as its older brother. Basically, neither model can complete emergency calls to 911 with location-based services enabled, and until HTC is able to spit out a patch, the only fix is to disable GPS altogether -- not exactly an awesome solution. In the meantime, a quick check of Rogers' site confirms that both the Dream and Magic have been pulled from retail, so let's hope this gets cleaned up on the double. And try not to have an emergency, of course. Ever... but especially right now.

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