HP launching tablets and notebooks with integrated pico projectors this year?

The details are few at this time, but DigiTimes is reporting that Hewlett-Packard is working on busting out some pico projector support in its laptops and tablets in 2010. Currently the wee beamers haven't found much of a home in the pockets of consumers, but integrating them into these devices might just make sense. There they could serve as additional displays without adding the bulk of some of the other solutions we've seen in the past. HP's VP of Personal Computing Systems Monty Wong indicated that the projectors would be placed on top of the screens on notebooks, where a webcam would traditionally be found -- though presumably pointed the other way 'round. It remains to be seen what kind of bulk this would add to a traditional laptop lid and what kind of a cost premium, but we're at least vaguely intrigued by the idea.