Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition 'unaffected' by PS3 Motion Controller delay, Capcom says

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Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition 'unaffected' by PS3 Motion Controller delay, Capcom says
With a rapidly approaching "Spring" release date and only one game with confirmed support for the device, Sony has made the presumably wise decision to delay the release of the as-yet-unnamed PlayStation Motion Controller until "Fall 2010" in order to "offer an exciting and varied line-up of software titles that will deliver the new entertainment experience to PS3 users." The single game with confirmed support: Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition, shown off at last year's Tokyo Game Show with Motion Controller support on PS3 (here it is on video). RE5: Alternative Edition is coming to North America as "Gold Edition" in both retail and DLC formats, beginning in February.

We asked Capcom US how the delay of the Motion Controller would affect the release of Alternative/Gold Edition and here's what the publisher told us:
Capcom has not announced any compatibility between Sony's motion controller and Resident Evil 5 in North America. The release of this product will be unaffected by the delay in our territory and is still on track for a March 9 release with the individual pieces of downloadable content released prior.
Of course, that doesn't answer if the already demoed Motion Controller support will still be a component of the Japanese "Alternative Edition" release, whether that support will be patched into any or all of the retail and DLC releases upon the arrival of the Motion Controller in the Fall, or whether Capcom's just giving up on the idea entirely. We're following up and will let you know if Capcom's sharing anything beyond the above statement.
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