Motorola MOTOROI almost certainly bound for T-Mobile (thanks, FCC!)

We needed to independently connect and verify a few dots before sounding the alarm here, but sure enough, it looks like Cell Phone Signal has unearthed the best smoking gun yet suggesting Motorola's MOTOROI -- the phone formerly known as the Sholes Tablet -- is destined for T-Mobile USA. The evidence comes in the form of an FCC filing, a Motorola device with ID IHDP56KC6, that's certified for quadband EDGE plus T-Mobile-friendly 1700 / 2100MHz HSPA humming at a peak of 10.2Mbps down and 5.6Mbps up (not too shabby) with Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and magnetic compass. By and large, Moto managed to paint over revealing portions of spectrum analyzer screen shots that contained the product's codename, but there are a couple they forgot to touch -- and sure enough, the part they didn't want you to see reads in part "SHOLES."

So why are we so sure this is the keyboardless MOTOROI as opposed to an AWS-compliant form of the Droid / Milestone, which shared the Sholes name internally? The answer lies in the SAR report, which didn't test the phone's radiated power in both "slider up" and "slider down" configurations like we saw in the Droid's documentation -- there's just one set of figures here. That, of course, means no slider, which in turn means no QWERTY, which ultimately means MOTOROI. Now if you'll excuse us, we need to close fourteen sets of FCC filings, restart our computer, and grab a quick drink -- but in the meantime, T-Mobile folks, take comfort in knowing that your Moto rollercoaster doesn't start and end with the CLIQ. Don't suppose this would be a March release, would it?