Google: Nexus One 3G issues result of poor coverage, bugs; patch possibly within a week

Looks like Google's investigation into the crappy 3G claims on the Nexus One are winding down, and it's a one-two combo of good news and bad news. First, the bad: preliminary findings suggest that poor 3G coverage factors into it, at least in part -- a believable story considering that T-Mobile has the smallest 3G footprint of the four US nationals. Now, the good: there's a software component to the problem, too, and the company says that it's already testing a fix. So far, testing is looking good -- so good, in fact, that an over-the-air update could be available "in the next week or so." It sucks that this partly boils down to crappy coverage, but we'll have to see where things stand after the patch gets rolled out -- and hopefully this'll serve as a high-profile reminder to T-Mobile that it needs to step on the gas (and to Google that it might want to expand its horizons).

[Thanks, Wesley]