And the winner for the first tablet software announcement is...

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It had to happen. Somebody had to be the first to announce software for a still-nonexistent piece of hardware.

A lot of us in the business of reporting Apple news and rumors were waiting for the shoe to drop on tablet-related software announcements. Sure enough, developer Ben Gottlieb has taken the bold step of announcing an "iPad" (please let that not be the name...) app in development.

Gottlieb's Stand Alone, Inc. announced today that they're working on a larger version of their popular Crosswords iPhone app. As Gottlieb mentioned, "The main constraint in developing a Crossword app for mobile devices has been the distinct lack of screen real estate. We have been anticipating the Apple tablet as the greatest piece of hardware for App developers since iPhone itself, and Crosswords will be even better on the new device."

So there you have it! A piece of history, right in front of your eyes -- the first software announcement for Apple's tablet device, which hasn't even been officially confirmed yet, and (technically) may not even exist at all. The price and availability of the app were not included in the announcement, but really, let's not sweat the details, shall we?
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