EA, Namco Networks gauge 'Apple Tablet' gaming possibilities

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|01.27.10

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EA, Namco Networks gauge 'Apple Tablet' gaming possibilities
"If it's got a great screen, some buttons, you can turn it on and it connects to the Internet, it's got the ability to be a games machine." That's what EA Sports president Peter Moore shared on Apple's heavily rumored tablet device, predicted to be unveiled during a media event this Wednesday. Moore recently told Bloomberg that his knowledge on the project was derived from media reports -- in which case he must know about the connection drawn between EA and the unannounced device's game offerings.

In the same report, Jon Kromrey, general manager of Apple games at Namco Networks America (which recently trumpeted 23 million downloads on iPhone and iPod Touch), expresses a notable amount of optimism regarding the platform's gaming possibilities. "I'm having fun thinking about all the wonderful things we can do with the device when it's announced," he said. You know people have had enough speculation the moment they start saying "when."

If you've had trouble keeping track of the nigh-mythical tablet's history, head over to Engadget for a comprehensive summary. Joystiq will be attending Apple's media event tomorrow (psst, we cover games!) so expect to hear more then -- even if it's just a really powerful paintball gun.
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