Virgin Mobile Canada launching HSPA network on February 2?

Saying that CDMA-based Virgin Mobile Canada is "launching" a network is a bit of a stretch, actually, since it just rides atop Bell's airwaves -- but for what it's worth, it looks like we now have a date for an official HSPA launch. Bell, of course, has been wasting no time aggressively building out and marketing its HSPA network the past few months, and to get Virgin switched over, they'll likely be getting a variety of BlackBerrys and iPhones -- a far cry from the low-end fare its American cousin offers. Anyhow, the wholly-owned MVNO has scheduled a shindig for the evening of February 2 to launch its "huge new HSPA+ network and some of the world's sexiest phones" -- and hey, even if you don't like the new hardware, any party with Jay Sean sounds like a win to us. For what it's worth, Virgin's site is now listing both the iPhone 3GS and Bold 9700 as coming soon, so yeah, it's definitely about to get real up in here.