Massively's WonderKing Online launch day roundup

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|01.28.10

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Massively's WonderKing Online launch day roundup
It's launch day for WonderKing Online and Massively, as usual, has you covered. But wait! What is WonderKing, you ask?

WonderKing is NDOORS Interactive's newest free-to-play title, joining the ranks of Atlantica Online and Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu. WonderKing plays very much in the vein of MapleStory, offering a two-dimensional, action and platforming based experience rather than the traditional 3-D MMO targeting combat.

However, unlike MapleStory, WonderKing goes a bit further with its MMO aspects in the form of crafting and cooking systems, an upcoming player housing system, and the upcoming ability to become a king by taking over a castle and defeating other players.

We've been keeping up with WonderKing for you guys, so here's a roundup of our coverage on this new free-to-play title. Read, learn, and find out if WonderKing is right for you!
Massively's hands-on with WonderKing Online
Last week, the folks at NDOORS were kind enough to give us a bit of an introductory tour through their newest 2D side-scrolling MMO entitled WonderKing, currently in the closed beta stage. You may remember a recent interview we had with the WonderKing devs, as well as a closed beta key giveaway last month. Our coverage now continues through a series of screenshots we took during the tour, complete with captions that explain major features of the game.
Massively interview: A Q&A with the developers of WonderKing
We were lucky enough to have a chance to talk to some of the people behind the game to find out a bit more about these features, as well as the challenges involved with bringing WonderKing over from the Asian market, and some other questions our readers will probably have had on their minds. Yes, that includes the big one: is this more than just a "MapleStory 2"?
Massively's WonderKing Online general gallery
We've got a king's ransom worth of screenshots for you all! If you're interested in seeing what the game looks like and how it plays before you jump on board to take the crown, look no further than this gallery of images.
NDOORS list the key features of new MMO WonderKing
NDOORS Interactive, the folks behind Atlantica Online and Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu, have chimed in with some details on their next free-to-play MMO WonderKing. They obtained the rights to bring the game to North America last year, and since we're hearing from them now, things must be on track for the intended release window of the second half of 2009.
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