Steve Jobs compares iPad battery life to Kindle's: 'You're not going to read for 10 hours' (video)

Hey, remember back when Steve Jobs said "people don't read anymore" when discussing why the Kindle would be a failure? Heh, funny story: turns out Apple just released a device called the iPad and, at its unveiling, spent an awful lot of time showing off what a great reader it is. However, when comparing it to Kindle (as we did here) you have to think about that battery life figure: 10 hours vs. seven days. When Walt Mossberg caught Jobs after the unveiling for a little gonzo-style interview he asked about this, and Jobs said "you're not going to read for 10 just end up pluggin' it in." So, Steve now concedes that people do read, but apparently they don't do it for long without coming close to a power receptacle. When asked about price differentials between books on the devices, rumored to be as much as $5 more than on Kindle, Jobs somewhat reluctantly states that "publishers are actually withholding books from Amazon because they're not happy," and that "the prices will be the same" -- but doesn't indicate whether Amazon's prices will be going up or that rumored $14.99 price point is going down. It's all in the video after the break, including plenty of face time with Walt.