ZAGGsparq portable USB charger gets reviewed, adored

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.31.10

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ZAGGsparq portable USB charger gets reviewed, adored
Imagine a HyperMac, but one that's highly portable and engineered specifically to rejuvenate your USB-connecting gizmos. That, our friends, is the ZAGGsparq. Our good pals over at Gadling had a chance to sit down with the portable charger recently, and as expected, they came away duly impressed. At its core, this is little more than a portable 6000mAh battery with a pair of USB inputs; you simply plug whatever USB gizmo you've got into it (a smartphone, portable media player, e-reader, GPS system or anything else that can be charged over USB) and watch as it provides life where there was none. It also supports international power sockets (which you'll have to provide separately), and it packs enough juice when fully charged to bring five dead iPhones back to full capacity. At just under a Benjamin, it's hard to not recommend for the avid traveler, but feel free to give the source link a glance if you need more proof.
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